Law Enforcement Services

Finger pushing the screen of a tablet with the text Digital Forensics

CIRE conducts unlocking, extraction, processing, and analysis on all digital devices, including mobile devices (phones and tablets), computers, hard drives, thumb drives, etc.   

Specific capabilities of cybercrimes are dependent upon the make, model, operating system, and version of the digital devices. Our best success with any device is if the device has never been powered down once seized as evidence. 

We also have the capability to process search warrant responses from online service providers. Depending on the service request, we can process the large file provided by the online service provider into an easily reviewable form and then analyze the data.

Finally, we have the capability to extract data directly from an online cloud account. This service is best utilized when a cooperating victim or witness has items of evidentiary in their online account.

Requests for digital analysis are initiated through the InfoShare Case Portal.