Leveraging technology in pursuit of the truth

By providing services to advocates of truth, acquiring new insights, and offering education for future generations

The mission of CIRE is to provide digital forensic services, develop new insights, procedures, and knowledge about cybercrime and cybersecurity problems, and educate and train the current and future generations of cyber investigative professionals.


CIRE offers digital forensics investigation services and training for criminal cases. These services include the scientific analysis of digital storage devices so that information can be used in a court of law. Investigation and Education services are available for both the government and the defense.


As a core part of this focused effort, CIRE uses interdisciplinary expertise to develop new insights, evidence, and knowledge to manage the key cybercrime and cybersecurity challenges of our age.


The development of the workforce is critical for the future of digital forensics. Through education and training, CIRE develops a sustainable workforce that is equipped with the skills, capabilities, and experience to continue to advance the fields of digital forensics and technology investigations.